Why do this anyway?

Hi, my name is Roberta. This little site is dedicated to all those who are busy reinventing themselves.

If you’ve ever suffered from extreme forms of anxiety disorder, or other mental or physical illnesses that result in withdrawal from everyday life, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to regain control, how doing even one small task a day can be exhausting, get the heart racing and the mind tying itself in knots. Often we will think ourselves all ready and set to go, only for those old chains of confusion to draw us back in. And so, back into our state of inertia we safely fall. The dates between my posts here are just one of the many testaments to how that plays out in my own life.

But I’m getting it together. I’ve changed a lot over the last year or two. I see hope, potential, and beauty, where once I didn’t care to see anything at all. I’ve found some useful, and most surprising (to me, at least), strategies that help me on my way, that allow me to think more clearly and understand what it even means to have self-worth. I’m learning, one steppingstone at a time.

I’d like to share some of what I’m discovering with you. It’s largely a cathartic thing – tied in with the desire to be creating something, doing something, doing anything! But I also hope my little tales might be of benefit to others, or that others might reply with their own experiences or leave me helpful tips in the comments sections.

Join me in the flow.