Ebb and flow, polished by the waves of time

Discovering self, opening to possibility, and other random nonsense.

Thank you for finding me.
This little site is dedicated to all those who, having found themselves stepping out of their past, and wondering how to leap into the future, are busy reinventing themselves. I’m giving it a go myself.
Like this website, I am very much in a fledging state. It’s my plan to continue to share my experiences as I make my way forwards on this surprising journey of self-discovery. Going with the flow is, currently (pardon the unintentional pun), the only way to go.

Latest Posts

Vita Obscura

A very short story I wrote in 2018 Get the fuck off me! Cold water peppers my forehead, bleeds into my eyes and mouth. Every piece of me burns to defend but my electric hands are motionless. It is the silence that is most unnerving. Silence when the sheet is yanked back; silence as soap…

The Benefit of the Doubt

We witness the ground disappearing beneath our feet, yet doubts can help us uncover our best approximation of the truth.

Doubtful Days

Sometimes, when we feel most certain, a gaping chasm of doubt opens up before us. Floating gently to the other side is the only way to do it.


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